Our Mission Statement

Young Innovator’s Association Inc has a purpose to facilitate leadership, technological intelligence, and innovation in school-aged children and young adults to include preschool up to college graduates, plus some limited post-graduate work assignments.  Part of that mission is to provide scholarships for young adults to be able to advance in careers towards technological innovation and/or STEM + Art-related fields, including User Design fields, Citizen Developer fields, and DOD-related fields. The program has a goal to continuously build on presentation, business case creation, and project management skills in youth and young adults

Members in Development

Young Innovators Association (YIA) offers a few different levels of membership for those who hope to benefit from our services.

The most basic level is where we assist members in filling out their applications for college, scholarships, aid, and for accommodations at all levels. We also offer periodic webinars to teach certain soft skills essential to learning, interviewing, and maintain their careers.

More advanced memberships get toolkits and portal access for generating their innovations and business cases separate from an employer that may dissolve the full IP right.

Members who Develop

We also have memberships for sponsors, mentors, and coaching. We understand, if your going to help an organization willing to help others, then you should be allowed to exercise a role in it. This is where you join up.

You can sign up as a board member or you can enroll to provide services. Services offered range from mini pro bono style work to mentorship, coaching, and providing internship, apprenticeships, research projects, and fellowships. There are a few different membership packages, and some sponsor members may also obtain access to an innovation portal.

Future Goal (Coming Soon)

Young Innovators Association is also accepting sponsorships to create a mobile STEM + Art unit to drive around to certain areas and provide services that way. We believe this will help with access to our organization, and allows for a more personalized program. If you need us, we are on the way! All safety measures incorporated.